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It’s Time for True Social Media Analytics
By Search Engine Watch | Published December 13th, 2010
A social media analytics tool that brings together data from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, social media monitoring, analytics, and advertising has the potential to drastically alter how we analyze and evaluate our social media efforts. ...
Search Engine Optimization 2011
By admin | Published December 2nd, 2010
Not too long ago, Wired magazine ran an article by Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff entitled “The Web is Dead, Long Live the Internet.” In the introduction to that article the authors write, “Two decades after its birth, the World Wide Web is in decline, as simpler, sleeker services – think apps – are less [...]
What Video Marketers Can Learn From Annual Lists Of Top-Searched Keyword Terms
By Jeremy Scott | Published December 1st, 2010
For many years in a row, the top search query was Britney Spears.  When sharing this fact with clients and during seminars, I often joke that one would think we’ve learned everything there is to know about Miss Spears by now.  And it seems as t...
Strategic SEM Planning for 2011
By Search Engine Watch | Published December 1st, 2010
Don't break out the eggnog just yet. Your competition won't wait until January to figure out their 2011 strategies, and neither should you. ...
List of over 550 search engines and sources of traffic attributable to web search
By sean | Published October 7th, 2008
The following is a list of search engines and significant sites incorporating a search engine, such as ISP portals, which provide site traffic attributable to web search. The list can be used to verify if your Web Analytics system recognizes all the so...
People, Internet and Enterprise Business, all without mentioning Google.
By sean | Published June 26th, 2008
Last Wednesday I had the fortune to attend a world class conference on social behavior and technology applied to medium and large sized businesses. Not in San Francisco. Not in Boston, where I worked for 4 years. Not in Milan, even. In Varese. Right, V...
How the age of your and other people’s websites affects your rankings
By Free Weekly Search Engine Optimization SEO News | Published April 22nd, 2008
A new patent application with the name "Ranking Domains Using Domain Maturity" shows how search engines could determine the quality of a web page by its age.
Does your website look like spam to search engines?
By Free Weekly Search Engine Optimization SEO News | Published March 25th, 2008
Is your website nowhere to be seen in Google? It might be that Google doesn't like your website because it looks like spam. Check this list to find out whether your website might look like spam or not.
Mosaic cloaking: a new form of search engine spam?
By Free Weekly Search Engine Optimization SEO News | Published January 22nd, 2008
Webmasters involved in rather shady search engine optimization methods invented a new form of cloaking. That new method has been called mosaic cloaking and it is an attempt to make cloaking less detectable.
Google, Yahoo, the X-Robots directive and your website rankings
By Free Weekly Search Engine Optimization SEO News | Published December 11th, 2007
Last week, Yahoo announced that they now support the X-Robots-Tag in the HTTP header. This new tag allows you to influence how Google and Yahoo index your website pages. Has it an effect on your search engine rankings?

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